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Sorole Golomb

Yes, its YEKA again!
This time with a twist.
We sit at home, waiting for parks and camps to open, but sadly, due to the virus, our precious Yeka Dyevitchki will not have the option of leaving their cities and reuniting again, to be spoiled and taken care of, to dance and sing, to learn and love, and have the time of their life this summer.
But YEKA wont just sit back and watch, this summer we are organising YEKA DOMA- YEKA at home. We will be sending a box of supplies, games, crafts, treats and much more to each YEKA camper.
Throughout lock down we have been making YEKA zooms, Rebbe Times and Night activities to keep their morale up! These will continue throughout the long, hot Ukrainian summer days.
Please join me in transforming the lives of these precious Jewish Children by donating anything you can to fund this project.
Each box costs $30 and an additional £25 for shipping.
Every little helps, its up to us!
Please give whatever you can!!
Thank YOU so much! - Sorole



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