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I want to share with you one of the most special memories from my past summer in Camp Yeka. Hopefully it will inspire action and support of this incredible cause. Together we can make a difference to the Jewish children in Ukraine! Please read the story bellow, it's not boring :)

I remember the last night of camp,
we were ending with one of our epic Yeka dance parties.
Outside under the stars, it was uplifting,
for almost everybody.
One of my campers,
her hebrew name was Leah and she was only seven,
had not had an easy time in camp.
She had a lot of emotional weight on her shoulders and it showed.
She didn't enjoy participating in activities,
she liked to sit on the side and observe cautiously.
We tried very gently to encourage her in the right direction so she would be able to enjoy camp fully.
It wasn't easy and I wouldn't call it a success, but she definitely got more comfortable as a result of our effort.

shevarivkinI remember the last night of camp,
everyone around was dancing and soaring high,
except for Leah,
she was on the side.
I tried and tried,
every time one kid got of my shoulder,
I offered her a turn,
but she preferred to sit and watch.
As the music continued and the dancing was winding down,
Leah sat in the same spot watching the crowd.
I wish I could say it was something I said,
but I have no clue why,
with about five minutes left,
she tapped me on the shoulder,
gave a small smile,
and asked with her eyes.
On to my shoulders she went as another counselor ran to turn on one last song,
and we danced around and around, instead of a few minutes it was more like a half hour.
The rest of the camp all gathered around,
jumping and singing at the top of their lunges
"I believe in miracles" our favorite Shwekey song,
and every time I felt like I could not hold her up any more,
I would look up at her smiling face and it was like she was lifting me instead of me lifting her!
Three weeks worth of being safe and secure,
of feeling the love and warmth for yidishkiet,
the family that Yeka was for her,
brought Leah to this place in the last five minutes.
and just for those last moments
every single ounce of our effort was worth it.

That night I understood the meaning of something I always knew.
That if you want to be truly uplifted you need to lift others up with you.
and there we stood,
a tower of love and strength and friendship
uplifted together.
Time is short but if what you do is true
the effects will last longer than you could ever know.

Please invest in Camp Yeka
The effect you will have on a Jewish child in Ukraine who needs the support of her Jewish family around the world will last forever.
In the words of a Yeka Camper "This camp is'nt regular; it's holy"
These children are the future.

Best wishes - Sheva



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