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Sheina Golomb

It feels like a fail.

No Yeka?

The outpouring messages, from Yeka kids, from Yeka counsellors, from friends and family WAITING to donate. “what are the plans for Yeka summer?!”

Waiting expectantly for a response that promises a 3 week getaway for some deserving kids.
But all I can respond is, unfortunately it won’t be happening as we hoped.

Ive been down about it. Ask any of my co workers - I’m in denial it’s not happening.

One wise friend on the team called me up and said, ‘listen. We can always have a miracle. But until then this is something we can definitely plan for. Let’s send camp to them. I know it’s not the same. But it will still be better than what they have going on at the moment. It will uplift their spirits. It will brighten their days. It’ll give them structure. Maybe Yeka will still happen but until then LET’s so this”

She’s right.

So here I am thinking what to ask of my supporters. To support a box?
Yes! But It’s actually so much more than that.
It’s a packed schedule for the kids to keep themselves busy with over the summer.
It will have candy and prizes to last.
It will have a special Yeka T-shirt so one day they can look back with fond memories.
It will have a Siddur and Torah learning books so they can still get their dosage of Yiddishkeit.

Most importantly it’s a box of love from the people that care about them most.

Help me give this to them!

Thank you for your never ending support

Sheina xo


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