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Shaina Hecht
Dear Friends,

When I was in school my teacher taught us a formula to measure the distance light can travel. Unknowingly, I believed her.

5 Years ago, I joined the staff of Camp Yeka Girls, a group of remarkable young women, on a journey to the freezing Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. From all over Ukraine, we gathered over 70 orphaned and underprivileged girls for a weeklong winter camp.

The heat and hot water never made an appearance, but the excitement, love, and connection warmed the frigid temperatures. Over those 7 days we unpacked and distributed everything we could take with us from America including games, toys, clothing, coats, and of course, lots of kosher, American candy. With an unlimited amount of love and warmth in our hearts we danced, sang, and gave those girls the time of their lives.

That winter I learned that the scientific formula I learned years before was bogus. Light will travel as far as someone is willing to take it. Under any condition, in any weather, no matter the distance, light can shine from whatever torch you are willing to carry.

Every winter and summer we return to light up Ukraine, one Jewish girl at a time. We learned that it doesn’t take a cultural understanding or language to form close friendships. But rather, a big heart and a radiating light.

Due to the campers’ lack of funds, Camp Yeka relies on the generous support of donors. Friends and family, please partner with me in carrying the light to Ukraine.

My personal goal is to raise $2,000 and I need your help to get there. Be part of adding a smile on a little girls’ face and lighting up her world.

No amount is too little or too much and I and the girls in Ukraine deeply appreciate your support.

May G-d repay your for your generosity and kindness

With much gratitude,


raised of $3,000 goal

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