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Shaina And Batsheva Hecht

She refused to let me go. With teary eyes she held our embrace. “I promise I’ll be back in the summer,” I whispered in my broken Russian and Hebrew. Her grip tightened but then loosened. She knew I’d be back. I had for the last three years. I say goodbye. Till the summer.

But COVID-19 had other plans. Countries are closed, cities are in quarantine and Yeka Summer 2020 is depressingly packaged in a cardboard box.
Camp Yeka Girls is a camp that caters to orphaned and underprivileged girls. Every winter and summer Yeka brings girls together with love, hope and the joy of Judaism. Relieving the girls from their unimaginably painful circumstances, Yeka becomes their home.
This summer, many girls will be stuck at home or in orphanages wishing they were really in Yeka.

But Yeka WILL be there with them. A Personal Yeka Kit will be arriving at each girl’s doorstep. Every camper will receive a box filled with activities, crafts and games. Zooms will be scheduled so girls can keep stay connected to their friends and counselors. We will continue spreading the Yeka love and heed the Rebbe’s message that, “No child will be forgotten or left behind”

Yeka girls, whichever unpaved road you live on, we are coming for you.

Creating and shipping a box for a camper costs around 60 dollars.

How many smiles would you like to help spread across Ukraine?
We appreciate and thank you in advance for your partnership!

Shaina and Batsheva Hecht



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You guys are amazing and ever inspiring!
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In honor of Shaina and Batsheva!!! You are a true inspiration!!! Keep being amazing 😘
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