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Sara New

If life was normal (I.e. no corona) our girls in Ukraine would now be on their way to their long awaited and exciting Yeka camp. Unfortunately, we cannot open the camp due to obvious reasons. We’re now looking at our campers who are stuck at home, a place where most of them need an escape from. Since we don’t have camp Yeka for them to go to, we are bringing Yeka to them!
This past winter I went as a counselor and I cannot express how important this experience is for them. It’s what keeps them going, and gives them the strength to continue on.
We are working hard to put together a virtual camp in the box experience created specifically for our girls who are in this unique situation. complete with games, activities, crafts, candy, prizes as well as clothing and various necessities that we usually hand out during the summer program. Yeka-in-a-box will be the closest experience we can give to our campers of the 3 weeks of normalcy and calm which they crave for the whole year. There will be Jewish content, entertainment and useful day-to-day items. We are determined to give these kids a daily dose of love and excitement, and one big giant virtual hug. Camp sessions will be run online, with one on one counselor sessions, entertainers, games and much much more, we WILL make this summer one to remember.
Would you be a part of this special mitzvah by donating and helping me reach my goal of $1800? Any amount would be amazing!! ✨

Here are ways to donate:
1. You can donate here on this page
2. PayPal: campyekagirls@gmail.com
3. Cashapp: $yekagirls
4. Venmo: @yekagirls
5. You can give me cash which I’ll transfer in under your name

Thank you and have a good day!
Sara ❤️



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