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Sarah Hodakov

Thank you for visiting! This cause is very dear to me. Not every child is fortunate to have a home and loving parents who care for,protect and love them. Camp Yeka takes these girls, and gives them an experience filled with unconditional love in a fun and Jewish educational way.

I'm really excited to be a part of this camp and give whatever I can to the kids!

I would appreciate any support you can give.Together we can make a difference to children in Ukraine! Best wishes - Sarah Hodakov



raised of $1,800 goal

Recent Donations

1. Linda Feldman
What a wonderful camp and mission. Congratulations, Sarah, on being a part of this.
2. Pickle Picksters
Get there soon
3. Anonymous
4. Miriam Raitport
Good luck Sarah!!!
5. Esther Hodakov
6. Chaya Mushka Shemtov
good luck sending love!