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Mussia Kleyman

Hi all!

Thanks for visiting my page! This summer I am volunteering as a counselor for Camp Yeka Ukraine. I decided to give my summer to Yeka because I believe that no child should be forgotten, including those in Ukraine. I’ve always wanted to use my talents and gifts to give to others. By giving the kids in Ukraine love, warmth, and care, this summer, I believe I can truly make a difference.

Camp Yeka is unique. As any sleep-away camp, it has many expenses, but due to the recent violence and political unrest in the region, the children Yeka serves come from broken homes, shelters and orphanages, and cannot afford to pay.
Due to the nature of the camp, we, the counselors, not only do not get paid to work there, but also commit to fundraise to cover some of the camp’s expenses.

I’m asking you to help me reach my goal of $3,000, in order to give these children the summer of a lifetime.

I’d appreciate any help I can get, no amount is too small!
Thank you so much!
<3 Mussia



raised of $3,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Fran Paskowitz
What a wonderful chesed...thanks for allowing us to be part of this kindness.
2. Ariella Shteynberg
Much hatzlocha!
3. Michal Kahn
4. Efrayim Levenson
5. Hannah Friedler
6. Avremel Kleyman
The chickens need their paychecks!... and the sloth 😉