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Mussia Kleyman

It has been over three months since the world turned upside down. For each of us this has affected our lives in different ways but I would like to take a moment to share how it has affected some people close to my heart, in silence.

As you know I traveled to Ukraine this past Summer to give the girls there a summer of hope at Camp Yeka Girls. Many are orphaned or underprivileged and they look forward to these three weeks of love, warmth, and safety, all year!

Now unfortunately many of our girls are quarantined with the ones they should be social distancing from! Last week the painful decision was made no to open Yeka's doors this summer! But something must still be done, and so we have decided to send Yeka to them!

We are putting together Yeka in a box for our campers, full of games, jewish content, clothes, food, candy and more! We will also be having virtual camp for three weeks with entertainers and more!

But I need YOUR help!

Please help me give the girls some normalcy during these turbulent ties and Sponsor a Camp Box for one of my campers for only $30!

Love knows no barrier.
We will do it. One box at a time.


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