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I first met Julia [see first pic] on a hot summer day in Odessa, Ukraine.

She arrived at Camp Yeka holding a small shopping bag to last her the two weeks of camp. She was shy, without friends, and afraid to speak.

I soon found out that little six-year-old Julia was alone in this world and living in an orphanage.

Despite the language barrier, we found a connection and pretty soon Julia was behaving towards me like a daughter to her mother.

One day I found Julia crying. "All the other girls in our bunk have names like Nechama, Chana, Esther... I'm the only one without a Jewish name!" She was right!

The very next day she was given the name "Chaya Mushka" by the Torah, a name that she chose herself.

At the end of the summer it was too painful to say goodbye. So instead I went into her bedroom and said Shema and tucked her in as usual.

I met Chaya Mushka in July of 2015.

Little Chaya Mushka is waiting for me to come visit her.

Little Chaya Mushka is one of 120 young Jewish girls living in the Ukraine who await the love and warmth of Camp Yeka in the middle of a cold winter.

Join me in giving these girls an unforgettable week of warmth and Yiddishkeit.

Thank you!




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