Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We are at it again for for Yeka Summer Camp #4! We would have never been able to get this far without all of you incredible friends, partners. and supporters- YOU make Yeka happen!

Please partner with us again to make 3 weeks of bliss, love, and happiness possible for all our Yeka children.

Every single U.S. dollar goes a very long way in Ukraine and enables us to continue to provide for our Yeka Children.- For example:

$12 gives a Yeka Camper 3 warm meals
$26 pays a Yeka campers train ticket to and from camp
$75 helps us buy Arts and Crafts projects for the entire camp
$250 covers 1 week in Camp Yeka for one girl
$750 covers the entire summer experience for one girl
$1200 enables us to bring the camp on a trip!
$1800 pays for 2 full shabbat meals for the entire camp
$3000 gives complete scholarships to 4 Yeka children!



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So far I've raised 95% of my goal
Personal Goal:$5,000.00
Money Raised:$4,750.00

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Yosef Lustig
In honor of Ms. Menucha Matusof
Stacey and Mitchell Kopelman
Wishing the campers have a wonderful summer experience.

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Yeka Girls Summer 5778! has raised 77% of their goal
Yeka Girls Summer 5778! Goal:$100,000.00
Money Raised:$77,314.57