Yeka Winter 5778!


We have done it once and we can do it again!

Amidst the freezing cold Ukrainian winter we have the power to bring warmth to over 100 Ukrainian girls throughout the country. Partner with us again to help provide these girls with 7 days of bliss. Free of worry where their next meal might come from and safe in the hands of those whom they know genuinely love and care about them.

Every single dollar goes a long way.. whether it is to buy a child a new winter coat, some underwear, or 3 hot meals a day!

$25 pays a train ticket for a child to get to camp.
$62 dollars pays for a day in camp with 3 hot meals.
$375 pays for the entire camp experience for one child!

Thank you in advance from all the YEKA Children!



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Yeka Winter 5778! has raised 33% of their goal
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