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Malka Scheiner

With the festival of lights upon us, 5 yeka staff members have taken on the special task of traveling to Ukraine to check up on our kids. The CDC has deemed humanitarian aid essential, giving us the opportunity to make this trip possible. The emotional upheaval of these uncertain times has overwhelmed our children living in dangerous and unpleasant situations across Ukraine.

For many children this pandemic has been a living nightmare. Although we have done our best to be there for them, Zoom and care packages can only do so much. We rely on the summer and winter breaks to check in with them and be the light and joy they crave so badly. With summer camp taking place virtually, we have not seen the children in over a year.

As the warmth of the Chanukah candles approaches, we have made it our mission to be there for the children. Camp may not be a possibility, but we can still bring them light and joy during this difficult winter. We are embarking on an emergency journey throughout the Ukraine, loaded with clothing, toys and equipment. Now is the time to make the journey and bring the Yeka life, love and security to each individual child.


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