The Miracle of Light - Chanukah 2020

Chanukah 2020

On Chanukah we celebrate the Miracle of light.
Good winning over evil.
Light prevailing over darkness.
Sadness turning into joy.
This year has been shrouded in darkness and confusion. We have been unable to be there physically for our girls to hold them tight and help them through these difficult times. That did not stop us from showering them with love from afar through virtual activities, birthday presents and holiday packages sent straight to their doors. There is a well known quote "A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness." With your continued partnership we can be that light for hundreds of Ukrainian girls. We are currently working on sending Chanukah packages filled with Chanukah treats and games so they too can celebrate the festival of lights with meaning and joy.

Let's be their miracle.

May G-d bless us all with a holiday full of only light and goodness.

Happy Chanukah!


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