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Camp Yeka was founded in 2000 for Jewish children from unstable environments and became instantly popular.  Originally the Camp had three shifts per summer with over 1,200 campers. After the success of the initial year Jewish camps sprung up all over the Ukraine. At the height there were 22 camps servicing the Jewish community. Now 15 years later, due to the war and lack of funds and there is only Yeka.


Most of the children attending camp are orphans, or come from broken and dysfunctional homes, where poverty and hunger is the way of life. Drug abuse, alcoholism and/or extreme Tobacco use is the norm amongst Ukrainian youth. On top of all that anti-Semitism is alive in Ukraine. With the war going on eastern Ukraine the streets are no place for children during the summer. Camp Yeka, or Yeka for short, offers these children an oasis of security and hope.


In 2013 the local Jewish community was no longer able to provide the funding for camp and the staff took upon themselves the task of raising the necessary funds and running the camp. In 2015 Yeka Girls was founded. Since that summer Yeka has been constantly expanding and adding more programs and outlets for these children including Pesach camp, Winter Ski resorts, Chanukah parties, Jewish Wedding fund, holiday packages and more.

We strive to provide these children with a warm and caring atmosphere.  The group of exceptionally energetic and dedicated staff of volunteers was, and continues to be, the secret behind Yeka's success.

The children look forward each school year to the fun and warmth that Yeka summer camp brings. Village children who have never seen a population bigger than the 300 people of their village have an opportunity to experience something bigger than they ever imagined. For the three weeks of the summer Yeka gives him his chance. The children experience: "Cool American" counselors, trips to the big cities and having fun with other Jewish children.  The camper while camp is in session, escapes the misfortune, deprivation and abuse that were his unfortunate reality just days earlier. One wouldn't recognize this child. Despair and dejection are replaced with hopes and dreams.

In Yeka we provide three weeks of non-judgmental loving attention to each of our campers. As one camper put it - "Yeka Lubit Tibya" Yeka loves you. Those three words sum up all that we do at Camp Yeka