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Sheva Rivkin

Dear friend,

It has been over three months since the world turned upside down. For each of us this has affected our lives in different ways but I would like to take a moment to share how it has affected some girls really close to my heart. My precious campers of Camp Yeka Girls, who have been trapped in silence.
As you know for 8 camps I traveled to Ukraine to give the girls there a summer of hope at Camp Yeka Girls, orphaned or underprivileged, they look forward all year to these three weeks of love, warmth, and most importantly safety.
Now unfortunately many of our girls are quarantined with the ones they should be social distancing from. As of last week the painful decision was made that this summer we will not be able to bring the kids to Yeka.
So instead we have decided to send Yeka to them!
We are working hard to put together a virtual camp in the box experience created specifically for our girls who are in this unique situation. Complete with games, activities, crafts, candy, prizes and as well including clothing and various necessities that we usually hand out during the summer program. Yeka-in-a-box will be the closest experience we can give to our campers of the 3 weeks of normalcy and calm which they crave for the whole year. There will be Jewish content, entertainment and useful day-to-day items. We are determined to give these kids a daily dose of love and excitement, in one big giant virtual hug. Camp sessions will be run online, with one on one counselor sessions, entertainers, games and much much more, we WILL make this summer one to remember.

Please help me if you can and Sponsor a Camp Box for one of my campers for only $30!

Love knows no barrier and neither do we.
We will do it. One box at a time.


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