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I AM SO EXCITED!!! Ukraine 2019!!!!!

Camp Yeka is nestled in the mountains of Ukraine and despite the frigid temperatures, it radiates a warmth that seems to melt the ice and snow that surrounds it.

It is a camp that provides a safe haven for 100+ Ukrainian children who are orphaned/abused or come from less than ideal home situations.

Last January I had the privilege of going as the photographer and this January 2019 I am returning once more!!!

I am excited that I get to use my gift to capture the unparalleled warmth these children carry with them despite their backgrounds.

The camp is one week long and by donating even a little bit you get to change a life.

The distance your dollar goes is not just felt during the winter months when they might be able to wear a warm new coat or have a brand new pair of underwear.

Your dollar will leave a lasting imprint on their hearts, minds & souls forever.

$25 pays a train ticket for a child to get to camp.
$62 dollars pays for a day in camp with 3 hot meals.
$375 pays for the entire camp experience for one child!

I hope YOU can help provide 7 days of happiness for these children who walk around with the weight of the world on their shoulders

All the LOVE, Shelbelle



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