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Shaina Hecht

Thank you for visiting my page. I don't recall a time I felt so overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty and certainty, at the same time. We are living in uncertain times. Traveling, uncertain. Socializing, uncertain. Stay home, uncertain. Masks, uncertain. Vaccine, uncertain. However, amidst all the uncertainties these moments present is a visceral feeling of certitude in my heart. Jewish children in Ukraine being abused, certain. Children are neglected, certain. Children are thirsting for the joy of Judaism, certain. Yeka girls missing the warmth and hope Yeka brings them every winter, Certain. A visit from their counselors, whose love they have felt from 3,000 miles away, change their year, certain.
With medical and Halachic guidance, the decision was made to take a small group of Yeka staff and bring the light of Chanukah, the joy of living, and the warmth of Judaism to Ukraine. I am privileged to be apart of the Shluchis that will visit cities across Ukraine to reach as many children as we can and add a little bit of hope to their lives. An abundance of caution, adherence to strict safety protocols, and Halachic considerations are set in place to mitigate the risks. Although we cannot remove all risk with certainty, we will embark on this journey of love because we are certain, that with Hashem's help and your support, we can change the lives of the children we meet. Please consider partnering with us. "A little light pushes away a lot of darkness." The budget for this trip is 15,000$. Any amount of money you contribute goes directly to the children through covering travel expenses, programs, activities, Chanukah packages, gifts, crafts, clothing, and more.

I am grateful for your support.
Thank you for shining you light,



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