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Mindle Lerner

Hi there!
Thank you so much for visiting my page!
Yeka. A Family.
You could be a counselor, a parent of a counselor, friend of a donor, even just by reading this message... you’re giving a certain part of yourself to Yeka, you are Yeka Family.
What does Yeka Family mean to me.
I think of family, I think of warmth, oneness.
There are Precious Jewish Neshamos in Ukraine desperate. Desperate for you to think of them, to offer a little part of you.
And by either just reading this message, or going ahead and donating, or becoming a counselor or becoming our photographer! - you’re offering a part of yourself to these kids, you’re giving them the feeling of family they so desperately wish for.

May Hashem bless you and our girls in Ukraine. With boundless abundance.


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Go Mindle!!!
2. Sara Varon
So proud of you mindle!
3. Misha And Estee Rapaport
In Honor of Mindle Lerner who gives her whole heart and soul to help us and Klal Yisroel!!!
4. Shana Wirzberger
Mindel- we are so proud of you! Good luck!
5. Chana Bracha Kagan
You are amazing Mindle❤️
6. Reiza Matusof