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Winter 5780! We are at it again!

Menucha Baila Matusof

Together we can bring the warmth and joy of the Chanukah lights once again to our girls in the Ukraine. Please consider partnering with us again to create a winter camp full ofย  excitement, meaning, and love.

Every single dollar goes directly towards providing for our girls!

Sponsor a day at Yeka for one Child. That's 24 hours full of games, learning, and delicious treats, in the most happy and loving environment for this child!

Sponsor a complete winter camp experience at Yeka for one Child. Take them on an incredible journey of growth and discovery, where they will be surrounded by healthy and supportive counselors that will impact them for life!

With the winter in Ukraine being so cold and frigid, our mission is to keep the body warm as well as the soul! Sponsor the winter gear needed to keep the children warm this winter and bring a smile to every child!

They talk about it all year! Every child that comes to Yeka cannot wait for Shabbos. From lighting candles together, to singing songs through the night, warm chicken soup, and hysterically fun performances, every hour of Shabbos in Yeka is precious and used to uplift every single child!

On behalf of the entire Yeka family - THANK YOU!



raised of $10,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Julita Jankowska
2. Mr. G
3. James H. Stein
Yasher koach on such an important program. WIshing you continued success! - Jim
4. Rashi Gansbourg
I hope you get enough money for camp. I love you aunt MB!
5. Pessa Gansbourg
Menucha baila you are the best aunt ever!! Happy chanukah
6. Mushka Gansbourg
To the best aunt ever!