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What is Yeka? Why is this cause so important to me? Ill tell you why:
Jewish girls from all over Ukraine come together every year to celebrate a summer of LOVE, HOPE and JOY at Yeka. Many of the girls come from broken homes or are in an orphanage and await Yeka all year to be their source of LIGHT and HAPPINESS. The power of 3 weeks to be loved and feel proud to be Jewish gives them the strength to withstand whatever challenges they may face. Last year I decided to join the Yeka team for the first time. I feel so grateful to have been part of Yeka where you could see the girls joy as soon as the bus pulled in. Smiles, Laughter, hugs, love! It was a transformation. Due to Covid-19 it seemed like Yeka girls summer camp would be closed. My camper called me up devastated and asked me," What will we do without Yeka this year?" I didn't have an answer.
This year we cannot let our girls down! We decided that even though they cannot go to Yeka we're going to bring Yeka to them! We will be sending Yeka-in-a-box packages to each girl filled with Yeka activities, candies, clothing and more giving them the opportunity to come together and experience a taste of Yeka on zoom.
It means so much to me that my campers and the entire Yeka family can receive their Yeka-in-a-box package.
Please know that by helping this project pull through you are bringing the Yeka family together and it has a huge impact on the girls lives! Yeka has been doing programs over Zoom and I have seen the smiles on the girls faces - Quarantined yet still connected. It's not easy for the girls to be in their homes right now and by you donating just one box (and more;) you are doing something so important for them!
Thank you <3



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