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Batya Ezagui

Thank you for visiting my page. I’m Batya and I am excited to share this amazing opportunity with you.

This summer I will be flying to Ukraine to be a staff member at Camp Yeka. Camp Yeka was founded in 2000 for Jewish children from unstable environments and became instantly popular. Most of the children attending camp are orphans, or come from broken and dysfunctional homes, where poverty and hunger is the way of life. Drug abuse, alcoholism and/or extreme Tobacco use is the norm amongst Ukrainian youth. On top of all that anti-Semitism is alive in Ukraine. With the war going on in eastern Ukraine the streets are no place for children during the summer. Camp Yeka offers these children an oasis of security and hope.

For the three weeks of the summer these children get to be kids, go on trips to big cities and have fun with other Jewish children. They escape from the misfortune, deprivation and abuse that were their unfortunate reality just days earlier. Despair and dejection are replaced with love, hopes and dreams.

I am humbled to have been chosen for this incredible task. I am fundraising $3,000 in order to give these children their promise of a summer. PLEASE help me reach my goal by donating whatever you can. No amount is too little!

Thank you!!

Batya Ezagui


raised of $3,200 goal

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