Its been a cold winter and the sun is starting to peek out of the clouds, which means the welcoming summer.
For some that could mean playing alone all day without a friend in sight.
For some it could mean endless days of hunger, awaiting Papa to find work so they can eat.
For some it could mean endless wondering with no refreshing shower at the end of the day. 
For some, the sun rises but no amount of sunshine can brighten their day.
For some it means YEKA.
Opening its doors for its 4th summer session, Yeka provides 3 weeks of fun, sustenance and love for Jewish children scattered across Ukraine.
With counselors joining from across the world, Yeka is responsible for finding $100,000 in order to cover the costs of this huge but special project.
The date has been set, the campers are ready, the countdown has begun. The funds need to be raised.
Together we can do it again! Thank you! 

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