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No Jewish child should be forgotten and we feel it is our responsibility to reach out with
love and compassion to our fellow Jews in distant Ukraine. Since 2015 Yeka girls has been family and a beacon of hope to hundreds of Ukrainian Jewish children. Our sages teach us that whoever saves one life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.
Thank you to our many partners and friends who make Yeka possible.
We can confidently say YOU have changed the world. 

Covid-19 can not stop us from reaching our girls! we are doing everything in our power to ensure our girls in Ukraine have the summer experience that is so needed . Please open your hearts and wallets to help make it possible. 

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  •  Fraidy Thaler $51.70
  • Yehuda Blesofsky $18.00
  • Raiza Leitner $400.00
  • Tonia Minkowicz $36.00
  • Chana Marcus $160.00

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